New York Giants: Eli Manning is Holding Team Back From Completing Rebuild

New York Giants, Eli Manning

There’s no question that the quarterback position is the most important on any given team. The New York Giants have had veteran Eli Manning for over a decade, and as GM Dave Gettleman rebuilds through draft picks and youth, Manning remains at the helm.

The inevitable truth is that Eli is holding the team back from completing a full rebuild. Gettleman turned over the roster in 2018, replacing a majority of the offensive line and defense as a whole. The general consensus is that 2019 will be Manning’s final season as a Giant, but the team might be better off drafting a new quarterback and throwing him into the fire.

The New York Giants don’t have to waste time:

Some franchises draft signal callers and throw them into the mix with no weapons or offensive lineman – aka the Jets. The Giants are a bit different, as they’ve spent significant draft capital and money on bolstering the offense with players like Nate Solder, Saquon Barkley, Will Hernandez, and Odell Beckham Jr. (re-signed).

If Dwayne Haskins or Kyler Murray were to be picked at No. 6, they would have all of the weapons they would need to succeed immediately. Flashback to Sam Darnold gazing the field for even a glimpse of talent to work with. Heaving it up to Robby Anderson was about the only support he ever had. The Giants have set up the installation of a new quarterback perfectly.

So, back to my original point: The Giants don’t need Manning anymore. At $23 million, he’s taking up the most cap-space on the team, and Haskins can easily replace his production given all Eli did in 2019 was dump screen passes off to Barkley. If Haskins or Murray can throw the ball accurately for 5-yards, they will be successful.

An argument against sitting behind Manning for one year:

Some have considered the Kansas City model for the Giants if they elect to take a QB. The only issue with this method is that it realistically wastes a year off the rookie contract. The Giants have the pieces on offense to help a young QB succeed, which makes the cutting of Manning even more possible. It all comes down to John Mara and if he will allow Gettleman to release Eli.