New York Giants: Eagles QB Nick Foles Will Not Become A Free Agent

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Nick Foles was one of the names most mentioned when it came to a veteran quarterback that the New York Giants could sign to compete with Eli Manning and potentially serve as a stopgap between Manning and a successor. It’s not hard to see why. Foles might not be the best quarterback in the league, but winning a Super Bowl isn’t something that gets ignored easily.

Furthermore, Foles was a player that would have potentially been available through free agency rather than a trade that would cost the Giants assets. But Foles never became a free agent. It was only something that was expected, and now, it looks like those expectations were misplaced. According to Ian Rapoport, the Eagles plan to bring Foles back for another year.

It’s a somewhat strange move, as Foles’ contract is a steep price for a backup quarterback. Carson Wentz is entrenched as the starter in Philadelphia, and many expected the team to let Foles walk to avoid paying that much for a player that isn’t going to seriously compete for the starting job. The only explanation is that the Eagles will trade Foles after picking up the option, or that they’re hoping that a good backup will benefit them like it did during their Super Bowl run.

What does this mean for the Giants? For one, it means fewer options. This is a rather barren year when it comes to the availability of veteran quarterbacks, and Foles was the name that was mentioned more than any other in that conversation. Even if the Eagles trade Foles, the Giants would now have to give up assets to sign him, which would be counterproductive.

It looks more and more like the Giants will be drafting their quarterback when the NFL Draft rolls around in April, rather than signing or trading for one. Whether that quarterback is Dwayne Haskins or someone else remains to be seen.