New York Giants: Devontae Booker speaks on scoring vs Cleveland

Devontae Booker, New York Giants

The New York Giants might have lost against the Browns after not playing their starters for the second straight game, but we did get a look at one player who might feature in a prominent role next season. Devontae Booker was active in the early game and will be a player of interest in 2021, due to his position as the likely top backup behind Saquon Barkley at running back.

Booker was brought in this offseason with most projecting that as his role over competing running backs Corey Clement and Gary Brightwell, and he arguably looked like the best running back for the Giants to feature in the Browns game.

While Clement beat out Booker with three more rushing yards to finish with 30 rather than 27, Booker was the only running back to score a touchdown for the Giants. It’s something he spoke about following the game, when asked about the way that he leapt over the line to complete the score.

Devontae Booker’s postgame comments

“Honestly, I just saw everyone on the ground. Typically, I am not a big leap guy, but I tried it today and it worked,” Booker told reporters.

Booker also praised the offensive line, an area of the team that has been a point of contention this offseason due to not having clear improvements from last year.

“They did pretty good. Executed on assignments they had out there, gave the quarterbacks some time and opening up some holes for me. I was just going up there and trying to execute my assignment, and when we all execute our assignments, it is perfect.”

The Giants haven’t executed yet in a way that wins them a preseason game. However, based on the playing time choices, it’s clear that the coaching staff doesn’t care much about winning in the preseason.

There’s not quite cause for panic yet. While the team is 0-2 going into their closing preseason game, the lineups they’ve played so far are a far cry from the one that will be on the field in September.

Individual performances are the thing to look out for during this preseason, and Booker put himself on the map as one of the standouts in this game alongside David Sills V, who continued his good form with the team’s other touchdown.

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