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New York Giants: Darius Slayton Showing He Was a Steal

by Wally McKeon
New York Giants, Darius Slayton

After Sunday’s loss to the crosstown rival New York Jets, the New York Giants have lost all hope in the 2019 season. They have lost six games in a row, with only a few of them being competitive. They sit at 2-8, with their focus on the 2020 NFL Draft. But one young player has shined during this rough stretch. Rookie Wide Reciever Darius Slayton, a fifth-round pick from Auburn in last year’s draft, has already shown signs of being one of the games better receivers. He has looked like one of the biggest steals of the entire 2019 NFL Draft to this point.

What Darius Slayton is doing to show he was a steal

His play against the Jets

While the Giants lost to the Jets, rookies Daniel Jones and Slayton showed that a strong connection might be brewing. The rookie QB found the receiver 10 times for a total of 121 yards, as well as two touchdowns. Slayton was the leading receiver for Big Blue, the second time this season. He stepped up in a major way for the Giants’ passing game who were without WR Sterling Shepard and Tight End Evan Engram.

His impressive regular season numbers

Through just seven games this season, Slayton has hauled in 27 catches for 394 yards and 5 touchdowns. All of those numbers are in the top seven among rookie receivers. For the 18th selected receiver in last year’s draft, it is safe to say Slayton has exceeded all expectations of him.

He is currently on pace to finish with 53 catches for 744 yards and 10 touchdowns. Those numbers, especially the touchdown total, would solidify himself as one of the game’s premier young pass-catchers. A player who many passed on due to his poor catching ability, Slayton has proved everyone wrong and is proving the Giants found a steal at the wide receiver position.

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