New York Giants: Darius Slayton Excited For Explosive Offense

New York Giants, Darius Slayton

Offense might be one of the bright areas for the New York Giants this year. That’s not to say that everything is perfect for them on that side of the ball. However, the future looks bright based on the pieces the Giants have there.

Quarterback Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley are major young pieces on the offense that will probably have better numbers next season. And of course, Darius Slayton has emerged as the top receiver on the team. Slayton is one of the players the most excited about the new offense the team has this year. While the personnel hasn’t changed entirely, the team has a new coaching staff and new schemes.

According to Slayton, there’s big things to expect from this new offense.

Slayton makes claims of an explosive offense

The Giants have a good chance to be explosive this year. At least, that’s what Darius Slayton claims.

“I think we just have a really good chance to be explosive. I think we have a chance to be an explosive offense, a really efficient offense. I just look forward to playing this year,” Slayton said to the team website, as training camp moved into its second phase.

He would go into more detail about what the Giants are doing right. That involves changes to the schemes from new offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

“I think it just does a really good job of harnessing all of our weapons on our offensive skill set…  I think the offense does a really good job holistically of getting everyone involved. Everybody will have a chance to get the ball and have the opportunity to make plays,” Slayton continued.

Slayton led the team in touchdowns last season. This year, it looks like he’ll be in the running to do the same. And like the other receivers, Slayton may just have better odds under more competent coaching than the previous regime.

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