New York Giants: Daniel Jones is playing winning football

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The New York Giants improved to a 4-1 record on the season after a thrilling win over the Packers on Sunday. One of the main catalysts to the Giants’ success has been, to the surprise of many, quarterback Daniel Jones. Daniel Jones has been playing clean, winning football, helping to propel the New York Giants to success through the first five weeks of the 2022 season.

Daniel Jones is playing winning football

Daniel Jones might not be stuffing the stat sheet, but he is helping the New York Giants win games. He has only thrown three passing touchdowns along with his two interceptions, but DJ has also added two touchdowns on the ground. Daniel Jones has thrown for 848 yards and ran for 230 yards so far this season. These stats might not seem too impressive on the surface, but digging a bit deeper will demonstrate that Daniel Jones is helping the Giants win games.

According to Pro Football Reference, Daniel Jones currently leads the NFL with three game-winning drives through five weeks this season (the most game-winning drives he’s had in a single year). Jones is playing clutch, winning football, leading the Giants to a 4-1 start on the season.

One of the most notable stats on the season is Daniel Jones’s significantly decreased turnover rate. Of his two interception, one came late in a game after his wide receiver slipped coming out of a break. He has also fumbled just once in five game, compared to seven times in 11 games last year.

The New York Giants’ coaching staff is doing an excellent job developing Daniel Jones. Granted, the improved performance from the Giants’ rebuilt offensive line has benefited the fourth-year quarterback. But Jones’s higher-quality play should be noted in its own right.

The Giants are winning football games with Daniel Jones at the helm. He might not be carrying the team, but he is facilitating the ball to the right players that can help him win games. Without Daniel Jones, a 4-1 record would not have been achieved. Daniel Jones is playing winning football with the New York Giants.

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