New York Giants Could Trade up From No. 17 to Grab Their Quarterback

Could the New York Giants draft Dwayne Haskins with the No. 6 overall pick?
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The 6th overall pick belonging to the New York Giants opens up several doors of opportunity – drafting a top quarterback, defensive lineman, or even a prime linebacker.

The Giants’ defense is in dire need of support and the quarterback position is already filled with Eli Manning, which opens up the possibility of the 6th pick being spent on a top pass rusher to replace Olivier Vernon. If a player like Quinnen Williams or Kentucky’s Josh Allen becomes available for the Giants, the pick shouldn’t take more than a few moments to make.

But, we shouldn’t be bitter that the Giants didn’t grab their quarterback as they will still have an opportunity in the first round to secure ‘their’ guy. There’s a possibility they could trade up from the 17th overall pick, acquired in the Odell Beckham Jr. trade.

What would it take for the New York Giants to move up into the top 10?

The No. 17 pick is valued at 950 points, according to If you add in the Giants’ second-rounder (No. 37 – 530 points), that equals 1,480, which could theoretically get them into the 8th slot (1,400 points). Now, of course, we have to factor in the willingness of another team to trade down and what it might be valued to them, but this system would require a premium second-round pick to move up nine spots.

The Detroit Lions hold the 8th pick overall, and they could be looking to trade down which makes this a very possible deal. Throw in the second rounder pick and a late selection and the Giants could be in a position to grab a top pass rusher and their choice at quarterback. A haul including potential players like Josh Allena and Dwayne Haskins would make general manager Dave Gettleman look like a genius.

However, we know how much Gettleman values his second-round pick — he turned it into left guard Will Hernandez last year and would likely be looking to spend it on a right tackle like Dalton Risner. There’s plenty of value with the 17th pick – options like linebacker Devin Bush or offensive line Cody Ford could be available, so moving down might be too pricey.

The benefits would be acquiring two players that have a higher probability of success, which can’t be overlooked.