New York Giants could target highly touted wide receiver in 2020 NFL draft

Alexander Wilson

With the New York Giants clinging to a string of hope to climb back into the NFC East playoff race, they find themselves in a peculiar position. Either they continue to lose and land in a top-10 spot in the 2020 NFL draft, or they miraculously burst into the flavorful and exciting team they’re bound to be (we hope).

Rookie quarterback Daniel Jones leads the charge, and gaining back both Saquon Barkley and Evan Engram against the Arizona Cardinals in week seven will undoubtedly help increase his potential for success. But in the off-chance they fall to the Cardinals and journey into unknown Detroit territory, they could be harping on the question — what unit needs to be helped the most?

The New York Giants might not be able to pass up this fantasy:

The 2020 NFL draft holds plenty of talent, and wide receiver might be the most package sealed overnight delivery option. There is talent at the position bleeding from the seams of the upcoming draft, but Alabama star wideout Jerry Jeudy lives in a world of his own.

Replacing Odell Beckham Jr. might not be necessary considering the success the team has had offensively when the starters are healthy, but bringing in an elite player to add another dimension to the offense could be enticing.

General manager Dave Gettleman will likely consider his options on the defensive side of the ball — inside and outside linebacker seem to be the most pressing need.

Jeudy is a 6-foot-1 speed-demon with a stanky leg move that’ll blow your socks off. His 538-yards and six touchdowns through six games are impressive, but the Alabama offense is so potent they don’t feel the need to force the ball his way. Last year, he hauled in 1315-yards and 14 scores through 15 games — he’s on pace to replicate those statistics.

Some scouts believe that Jeudy could be the 1st overall pick next draft, the first wide receiver to achieve that feat since Keyshawn Johnson. Nonetheless, I think that the Giants will stick to improving their defense, but if Jerry managed to slip a few picks to them, it would be incredibly hard to pass up on his skill-set. Especially, considering the potential out the Giants have in Golden Tate’s contract after 2020.