New York Giants Could Land Top Graded Pass Rusher With Some Luck

The New York Giants could be targeting Josh Allen at No. 6.
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The NFL Draft is ‘unpredictable’ in every sense of the word – we’ve seen top five players drop out of the top 10 and vise versa, so guaranteeing a prospect won’t be on the board is simply impossible. The New York Giants could be scouring the draft for a top-tier pass rusher, and there’s one option that would immediately upgrade the defensive line.

Kentucky edge rusher Josh Allen could fall to the Giants at No. 6 with players like Quinnen Willians, Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, Devin White, Nick Bosa, etc. all graded as top five picks.

Allen offers immense value alongside B.J. Hill, Lorenzo Carter, Markus Golden, and Dalvin Tomlinson. With 88 total tackles and 21.5 for a loss, Allen is a premium addition to any team. With 17 total sacks and a 4.63 40-yard-dash, the Kentucky product is certainly prepared to take the leap to the next level.

Josh Allen’s strengths:

One of the more enticing aspects of Allen is his ability to play linebacker. Utilizing his length and speed, he would be a perfect fit at OLB opposite Carter on the Giants’ defensive front. He has all of the traits to physically challenge tackles and use his speed to beat them with ease.

Josh’s ability to swing around tackles and come from behind would force quarterbacks to move up into the pocket where Hill and Tomlinson can apply pressure. This is a part of the 3-4 scheme where linebackers act as a pass rusher and allow the three interior linemen to break through the line.

Corralling running backs is another positive tool in Allen’s box. He’s a superb open-field tackler and can contain runners on the edge. A combination of elite speed and agility will help him at the professional level.


Allen will need to develop his usage of hands in the NFL. He often catches opposing arms instead of turning them into leverage to work around tackles and tight ends.

Recognizing misdirections is also a flaw of Allen’s. He sometimes gets caught dissecting the play as it unfolds and loses his place. He can get sucked into the inside at times sealing him off. As an outside linebacker, he should be able to avoid getting stuck on the interior as he will start with more leverage on the opposing tackle.

The bottom line, if the Giants can come away with this type of pass rush quality at No. 6, they shouldn’t hesitate. Quarterback or not, Allen is an impact player that will only improve over time.