New York Giants could be interested in Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll as a duo

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Finally, the New York Giants are at a crossroads again and will have to replace both their coach and GM. Arguably, this should have come sooner. The organization’s reluctance to replace both positions at once has set back the rebuild process, and now, the Giants are in a position to pick correctly and right that mistake. Interestingly, there’s a more than small possibility that the Giants could fill both vacancies at once by going for a package deal of sorts.

That deal would be with two candidates from the Buffalo organization – assistant GM Joe Schoen and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. Even though John Mara has said that the Giants aren’t going for a package deal, it’s hard to ignore the connection that Schoen may have with Daboll due to their time in the same organization.

Schoen is one of the candidates to interview so far for the GM job, and according to Pat Leonard, the Giants are interested in Daboll too.

As expected when this process began, some sources say the Giants are very interested in Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, the Belichick disciple who has gotten the best out of quarterback Josh Allen in Buffalo. The Buffalo ticket of GM Joe Schoen and head coach Daboll certainly is an intriguing one. Schoen, who interviewed in Chicago, too, is considered as ready as any of the Giants’ nine candidates to take the big chair.

What advantages could come from a package deal?

It’s pretty clear that the Giants are trying to bring in talent from a better organization. After all, a commonality in the GM candidates that have been interviewed so far is that they have all been from playoff organizations. Despite all the talk this season about culture, that is still one area of the Giant organization that is in need of serious fixing.

That process could go faster if the next head coach and GM are already familiar with each other.

Buffalo has been the better team in recent years, as shown by fact that they’re still alive in the playoffs right now, and the Giants would benefit from taking some methods from them when it comes to running a front office and staff. What better way to do that than bring in both the Bills assistant GM and offensive coordinator at once?

Additionally, bringing in a head coach and GM who have a per-established relationship would help avoid the speculation and debate that we’ve had in the past year about team direction. It was never quite certain whether the Giants during the last couple of seasons were Joe Judge’s team or Dave Gettleman’s team, and a situation like that is far less likely to come up if both candidates have already successfully worked in the same building.

Of course, Schoen and Daboll aren’t the only potential pairing that already have a good track record with the same team. But it is one of the most intriguing options, especially with Daboll’s offensive background and the Giants’ struggles on that side of the ball in recent years.

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