New York Giants: Corey Coleman gone again as practice squad signs TE

New York Giants, Corey Coleman

Corey Coleman hasn’t been the luckiest wide receiver in the NFL, and he was cut for a second time from the New York Giants after missing the 2019 season with an ACL tear.

Following his recovery from that injury, Coleman was cut from the team in September despite reaching a one year deal with the team around the end of March. He did make it back into the organization in October by landing himself a spot on the practice squad, but the Giants moved on from Coleman once again on Tuesday.

The team’s decision accompanies the addition of tight end Nakia Grififn-Stewart, who was on the Minnesota Vikings roster during training camp and spent part of the season so far with the Green Bay Packers. Griffin-Stewart, however, isn’t exactly a well known name within the league and there’s not that much that makes him stand out compared to others at the position. It’s safe to say the Giants are making a depth signing here rather than picking up someone that has a fast track to getting on the active roster.

Coleman, who was released to make room for Griffin-Stewart, has frequently been discussed as a player in the mix over the course of the past two offseasons but has failed to actually make it onto the field and make an impact. In 2019, that failure to get onto the field was because of injury. This year, Coleman simply wasn’t able to beat out the competition to avoid ending up on the practice squad.

After already signing for the Browns, Bills, and Patriots before making it to the Giants, it remains to be seen if Coleman will have another chance in the league after this or if New York was his last chance to make it onto the field.