New York Giants Contemplating Second Round Trade Back

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

Days before the NFL Draft will be conducted in a virtual environment for the first time, there’s little sign of which way the New York Giants will go.

One of the big questions is whether or not they’ll trade back in the first round. Some have said the Giants could trade back with a quarterback needy team and take an offensive lineman or even a defensive player such as Derrick Brown lower in the first round. Others, however, have mocked high profile players like Jedrick Wills and Tristen Wirfs to the Giants at number four overall, predicting them not making a trade back.

There is another alternative though that could see the Giants gain more draft picks and still come out with the player that they want with the number four pick, whoever that may be. That scenario is if the Giants trade down in the second round rather than the first.

According to the New York Post, this might just be the option that the Giants are the most fond of.

League sources told The Post if the Giants do not trade down at No. 4, a second-round trade-back at No. 36 will be considered strongly — and that scenario actually could be the internal preference for restocking depth.

The Giants seem to be looking into highly touted second round prospect Julian Okwara as a pass rusher option for the second round, but with Okawara’s availability remaining to be seen, there’s a chance they could make a trade instead of using their second round pick for a player. Okwara, after all, may be off the board by the time the second round is reached, with at least one team, the Texans, being mocked to take Okwara in the first round.

We’ll know in a few days what the Giants do, as the virtual draft will be conducted soon. However, a trade down in the second round does sound like a move that fits the team’s priorities – trades back have been a theme in reports about the Giants’ draft strategy for a number of weeks now.