New York Giants: Coaching Prospect Ron Rivera Wants Winning Team

It’s no secret that former Panthers head coach Ron Rivera is on the shortlist of coaches that could end up in control of the New York Giants if the team’s ownership decides that Pat Shurmur should be shown the door during the offseason, but the Giants may or may not have everything that Rivera wants. In particular, the missing thing might just be winning potential.

The Giants haven’t won much this season, with only two wins to their name up to this point in the year, and it looks like their roster is set to be blown up in the offseason – players like Janoris Jenkins, Alec Ogletree, and Nate Solder are expected to be moved and there’s no guarantee that Leonard Williams will stay and sign a new deal after the Giants traded for him. The defense might have a new look with a high draft pick such as Chase Young leading the way, while the offense is still finding its way under quarterback Daniel Jones.

Point is, the Giants might have to do a lot of losing before they can be a winning team, and that doesn’t seem to be what Rivera wants to sign up for.

“There’s a lot of reclamation programs that’ll probably be in play. There’ll also be some teams I think that they’re a good draft away, a couple free agents away from being a really, really good team. That’s what I want. Because when I come back, I want to come back to win. I’m not taking a job to take a job. I’m taking a job because I believe we have a chance to win football games. And that’s what I want,” Rivera told Adam Schefter on his podcast, when speaking about what he wants out of his next job.

Of course, there’s no telling yet how Rivera actually rates the Giants. He could see potential in the team, but at this point it seems unlikely based on their results this season. It will take a lot of changes to get the team winning again, and with this, it’s becoming less clear which coach will end up taking the team forward to do that.