New York Giants: Barry Sanders Believes Barkley Will Get Super Bowl Win

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

The New York Giants have a superstar on their hands in Saquon Barkley, but they haven’t always been good to him despite being their best player – that’s to say that the organization hasn’t been able to put a good team around Barkley yet. The team generally performs better with him on the field but Barkley still has yet to play for a winner, with his first two years being some of the worst in recent memory for the Giants.

And in his second year, his injury struggles ween’t helped by the lack of a strong offensive line, causing poor performances until very late in the season. All of this, and the lack of improvement from the team over the past couple years, is why there’s some concern that Barkley could end up like a number of other great NFL players to have high level individual careers but fail to win a ring – including Barry Sanders.

However, Sanders himself doesn’t see things that way according to what he told the New York Post. It seems he has more faith in the Giants as an organization than the Lions one that he played for during his career, and believes the franchise will experience a bounce back.

“At least it’s a franchise that has won multiple Super Bowls. They know how to put together a winner. At this point, I wouldn’t be that concerned about that. I would lean toward them at least understanding there is a method in being able to do it,” Sanders said. “You have to get the right guy in there coach-wise.”

“They should probably draft offensive linemen in every round of the draft the next few years,” Sanders continued after praising sophomore quarterback Daniel Jones. “The ones they don’t keep, they can turn into tight ends or something. The point is you have to invest something in protecting in him and Jones because they could have a bright future with those two great young players.”

It still remains to be seen what the Giants are going to do with their first draft pick but they have been linked to multiple players at the tackle position. However, it’s still too soon to say any details for sure with what the team is likely planning – that news will come out closer to the draft.

Regardless, one thing is clear: if the Giants want their current superstar to get a ring, they’ll have to provide better support than they did for Eli Manning late in his career.