New York Giants: Andrew Thomas has second surgery on ankle

New York Giants, Andrew Thomas

The best offensive lineman for the New York Giants right now is Andrew Thomas, but the left tackle hasn’t been free from injuries. Thomas played in 13 games during 2021, and while he didn’t miss as many as some other members of the Giants roster, his absence was definitely felt when he wasn’t on the field.

A recurring problem for Thomas has been his ankle, and it looks like one surgery wasn’t enough to fix that. After having surgery on the same ankle following his rookie season, Thomas had another one in January according to Dan Duggan.

The hope behind this one seems to be that it will be a more permanent fix.

We shouldn’t have to worry about Thomas missing the start of next season, as the prediction is that he’ll be back to full speed for team workouts.

He will, of course, have a large role when the Giants eventually take to the field again in 2022. Right now, he looks like the only member of the offensive line that’s a lock to survive the incoming rebuild.

The next season is likely a transition phase for the Giants. New players will show up on the offensive line, but the project won’t be complete until further down the line. During a time like this, it helps to have an anchor player that is already a proven success.

It looks like Thomas could be that player on the offensive line, but he’ll have to be healthy to do it. Here’s to hoping that this surgery is a success and that we see an injury free season from Thomas in 2022.

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