New York Giants: Andrew Thomas discusses what he needs to improve

New York Giants, Andrew Thomas

New York Giants rookie offensive tackle Andrew Thomas will presumably be one of the team’s starting tackles this season, especially with veteran Nate Solder opting out of the 2020 NFL season.

Other candidates to start on both sides are Nick Gates, third-round draft pick Matt Peart and free-agent signee Cam Fleming.

Thomas harps on technique being among the crucial adjustments from college football to the NFL (quotes courtesy of

“In college, if you are faster and stronger and you know your assignment, you usually do well. At this level, there is so much technique that you have to learn. There are so many things before the snap, before the ball even hikes. I think that’s the biggest adjustment.”

Thomas started three seasons at Georgia, playing both tackle positions (26 games at left tackle and 15 games at right tackle).

Among the new faces on the Giants sideline is offensive line coach Marc Colombo, who previously held the same position with the Dallas Cowboys. Colombo was also a starting tackle in the NFL.

Thomas has found Colombo to be a transparent voice.

“It plays a big role. He can actually, like you said, show us exactly what he wants. What’s the steps, what’s the hand placement, and it relays the message a little bit better for us than just having somebody saying what they want. As far as building a relationship, we are starting to grow closer, during this time. Over zoom, it was a little bit harder to build a relationship, it’s starting to get better now.”

Thomas is working on “keeping his hands inside.”

“For me, the biggest thing right now, especially in pass pro, is my hands. In college, I had a bad habit of having my hands outside my frame. I’m working on keeping my hands inside and getting a good strike. In the run, game just keep a good base. Sometimes I get a little too excited trying to get to the block. Just make sure I keep a good base each time.”

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