New York Giants: 3 surprise cut candidates

New York Giants, Golden Tate

The New York Giants are heading into a tumultuous period of training camp with cuts around the corner. With a bevy of undrafted free agents and late-round draft picks on the roster, there will be some surprise cuts, but it is the veterans where things get a bit tricky.

Some leftover pieces from years past could be on the chopping block, as the Giants continue through a rebuild that requires a youth foundation and more opportunities for the youngsters. However, it is important to have veterans on the roster to hold down the fort and provide experience.

Three surprise cuts the New York Giants might make:

1.) RJ McIntosh

When the Giants drafted RJ McIntosh in 2018, most that he would have some sort of impact. He’s only been able to appear in 18 games after missing significant time with a thyroid issue. Last year for the Giants, in 114 defensive snaps, McIntosh recorded 2.0 sacks, 13 combined tackles, and two quarterback hits. He simply hasn’t been able to extract the potential most thought he had, and he could be a surprise cut for the Giants, who could look to bring in new players who can contribute immediately.

In addition, the Giants have multiple interior defensive linemen, making him expendable if they wish to allocate another roster spot to the defensive backs.