New York Giants: 3 players who have stood out through three weeks

Alexander Wilson
New York Giants, James Bradberry

The New York Giants haven’t performed particularly well three weeks into the 2020 season, especially their offense, who have only scored 35 points compared to the Rams, who have posted 89 points. Their week four matchup will be problematic on several fronts, but the Giants can continue to rely on some of their players, who have undoubtedly showed up this year and have performed well.

Three New York Giants players who have stood out through three weeks:

1.) James Bradberry

The Giants’ star through three weeks has been James Bradberry, former Carolina cornerback who signed a three-year deal with the team this past off-season. Bradberry, who had an impressive week two performance against Chicago Bears, where he recorded one interception and forced another, has been the star on defense.

“He’s been very productive on the ball, he’s been very steady, very reliable,” defensive backs coach Jerome Henderson said. “There are areas where he has to get better as well. But he’s been very productive on the ball. He’s done a good job there.”

Bradberry is a quiet player that leads by example. So far, his nine passes defended are four more than any other corner in the NFL. He has posted a 47.6% completion rate against, allowing two touchdowns, one of which wasn’t entirely his fault against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Overall, having a player as good as Bradberry has kept the Giants’ defense from falling to below average. They desperately need him to continue playing at a high-level, as the remainder of their team is still developing.