New York Giants: 3 key players to overcome the 49ers in week 3

New York Giants, Evan Engram

3.) Evan Engram

Ahh, Evan Engram, the golden goose who can’t even show his own value in gold. The speedy tight end has struggled to find his groove so far in the 2020 season, primarily due to a lack of live-action during the off-season.

Engram injured his foot in week 9 against the New England Patriots last year and spent multiple months rehabilitating on crutches. Head coach Joe Judge stated that Engram goes 100% all the time — he has looked stellar during practice, but it simply hasn’t translated to regular-season games. He currently has eight receptions for 74 yards, hosting a 53.3% catch rate. After struggling immensely in week one against Pittsburgh, Evan saw his snap count increased by 3% to 97%. His receiving yards per target went from 1.29 to 8.13, which is a sizable difference.

Overall, we know what Engram is capable of in the passing game, but he is a liability in pass blocking and must be utilized away from that factor. Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett has done some good things with him, getting him open in the seam and sitting him down at the 1st-down yard-marker. However, dropping passes and slipping at the point of attack is unacceptable. Daniel Jones‘ single interception last week was a result of Engram slipping on the sod with the ball in the air.

I believe week three‘s contest against the 49ers represents a fantastic opportunity for Engram to break out of his slump and return to his normal self.