New York Giants: 3 key players to overcome the 49ers in week 3

New York Giants, Evan Engram

2.) Wayne Gallman

The Giants signed Devonta Freeman this past week, but I don’t imagine he will play a big part in Sunday’s game against the 49ers. There’s no possible way he could’ve learned the playbook that quickly, considering management has eased Logan Ryan into the mix, and he’s been on the team for multiple weeks now.

I estimate that Freeman will play about 25% of offensive snaps, giving Wayne Gallman the bulk of the carries at tailback. In 2019, it seemed as a former head coach Pat Shurmur disliked Gallman. The Giants went out and signed Joe “Buck” Allen to handle a majority of the reps when Barkley went down, which left the former Clemson stand-out on the bench. He totally just 29 rushes for 110 yards and two scores.

Overall, Wayne is not a bad running back in any sense and actually is capable of breaking some big plays on occasion. I think the Giants will give him the first crack at it, as they ease Freeman into his regular workload.

The Giants only have 104 total rushing yards on the year, due to their offensive lines inadequacy in run blocking support. If Gallman can get going and control the tempo of the game, the Giants will have a much better chance of securing victory on Sunday.