New York Giants: 3 dark horse players who could make an impact in 2020

New York Giants, Derrick Dillon

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The New York Giants added significant value to their team this off-season, but they still remain one of the worst rosters in the NFL. Without a single Pro Bowl player in 2019, they will be looking to change that narrative and at the very least, compete at the NFL level. In 2019, the team struggled to even stay in games, blowing leads in the fourth quarter, and giving up consistent touchdowns on first possessions.

The team’s lack of depth was a glaring deficiency, especially when injuries began to affect the team, and the coaching staff had to fill positions of weakness. The linebacker corps was shredded like a fresh burrito out of Chipotle, and the secondary was abysmal in every sense of the word, the pass rushers were weak, behind star running back Saquon Barkley was a void of nothingness, and the offensive line represented Swiss cheese better than the cheese itself.

However, the Giants made it a priority to bolster the back-end of the team, adding a bevy of undrafted free agents and signing depth pieces to help build out the roster.

Here are three players New York Giants could extract production from in 2020:

1.) Cameron Fleming

Fleming was one of the best signings by the Giants this off-season, given his experience at both left and right tackle. He has played with the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots, so he has a connection with head coach Joe judge and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. Don’t forget about Marc Colombo, who will be his offensive line coach in 2020.

At 27 years old, Fleming has played in 75 regular-season games with 26 starts and 11 postseason appearances with two starts. When the Patriots faced off against the Philadelphia Eagles a few years ago in the Super Bowl, Fleming was their starting right tackle. Evidently, Solder was also starting at left tackle for the Patriots at the time. They will reunite as teammates once more.

The amount of time he has spent on successful teams gives him plenty of intangible quality, but he also has the ability to fill in at both tackle positions if need be, and given the poor luck at the position for the Giants in recent years, he could be called upon.

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