New York Giants: 2 monster pass rushers that could be available in 2020

Should the New York Giants look into Von Miler next offseason?
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After the New York Giants were entirely overwhelmed by the Dallas Cowboys in week one, one of their significant weaknesses was exposed. A lack of pass rush talent was clearly on display, as second-year player Lorenzo Carter was nowhere to be found. Also, Veteran Markus Golden wasn’t able to make an impact either.

The current outside linebackers for the Giants are underwhelming, and while one week of poor play shouldn’t tell the entire story, it is hard to imagine any of them will emerge as prolific starters.

So, while this list is far too early and things could certainly change throughout the season, I couldn’t help myself but begin to research other options.

The Giants will have plenty of cap space to go out and sign premium players next offseason, and these two pass rushers could fit the bill.

1.) Von Miller

Denver Broncos top defensive player, Von Miller, has a potential out in his contract after this season. If he elects to take his talents to another team, he can do so.

The Giants could be a destination for Miller, who has amassed no fewer than ten sacks since 2013. He would be an immediate upgrade at the position for the Giants and would bolster the defense considerably. We can also assume the Giants will utilize their first-round pick on the defensive line, rebuilding what was once an intimidating pass rush.

However, Miller will earn $17 million in base salary next season, and he will likely want that if not more in a new contract. The Giants have plenty of cap to work with, but his price tag could be too expensive. Then again, his abilities and experience would immediately upgrade the unit and help the team succeed at an accelerated rate.

2.) Jadeveon Clowney

Alternatively, the Giants could pursue Jadeveon Clowney in a deal. He’s currently signed up for one year with the Seattle Seahawks — recently traded. The issue with Clowney is that he isn’t an extremely productive player. However, he can play multiple positions, and he has the physical traits to be an elite outside linebacker in the league.

In his first game this season, he racked up two tackles and one sack. He hasn’t recorded a season with ten sacks or more so far in his career, but his skill set is undeniable. He would likely cost the Giants somewhere in the $15 million per season range.

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