New evidence could exonerate Giants’ DeAndre Baker from armed robbery allegations

Alexander Wilson
New York Giants, DeAndre Baker
New York Giants, DeAndre Baker

New York Giants 2019 first-round pick DeAndre baker currently faces four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and four counts of armed robbery. Earlier on Sunday, prosecutors let Baker out on $200,000 bail, $25,000 for each charge. The Giants had been in contact with Baker after a warrant went out for his arrest. Reports say that an investigator contacted Baker, who he inevitably hung up on.

Haning up on a detective is never a sign of goodwill, as Baker sought legal advice prior to turning himself in on Saturday. However, his legal defense seems to be on pace for exoneration. When Baker was first accused of armed robbery, witnesses stated that he had held them at gunpoint and began to steal their belongings. Since that report surfaced from TMZ, those same witnesses produced affidavits that stated Baker had nothing to do with the incident, and he did not have a firearm. While everything is still up in the air, the new evidence suggests that Baker could get away scot-free.

A small piece of Dominick Jonhson’s affidavit, who is a friend of both Baker and Dunbar’s, stated:

“At some point there was an argument that arose between some of the parties that were playing the dice game,” it read. “I was never in fear for my life in any situation that happened that day and DeAndre Baker did not take any property from me and did not point a gun at anyone.”

Baker and Seattle Seahawks corner of Quinton Dunbar or both being processed through the legal system, and Florida has a reputation for giving harsh penalties; the evidence again seems to be thin. If the charges are dropped against the cornerback, Baker would be allowed to return to the Giants immediately. However, I imagine the Giants will do their own investigating, and if they find any wrongdoings, they will proceed accordingly.

It is important to note that none of the evidence suggests anything factual, and we will have to wait until the legal process has finalized before we can extract any truth.