Listen to Episode 21 of Fireside Giants: Latest on DeAndre Baker, Daniel Jones 2020 evaluation, mailbag questions

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Another fantastic New York Giants podcast episode on the Fireside Giants channel!

The latest news on Giants’ quarterback DeAndre Baker is intriguing. According to his lawyer, Patrick Patel, Baker was playing Madden while the entire scenario of armed robbery went down.

After witnesses initially claimed Baker was the one that held everyone at gunpoint stealing their belongings, their comments were retracted, and it now seems that Baker was in the other room playing on a gaming council while the armed robbery took place in the other room.


This is quite a change of scenery and storyline from initial reports that claimed the exact opposite of what Patel is now preaching. However, we talk about this in the Fireside Giants podcast and what this means for Baker and his case. It seems as if things are looking positive for him to be released with no charges, but nothing is set in stone just yet.

Nonetheless, the Gang also dives into Daniel Jones and what his weaknesses are and how the Giants can fix them moving forward. We evaluate his tendencies and why he can take a significant step forward and 2020 with a rebuilt offense of line and healthy weapons.

We answer multiple mailbag questions left by the fans on Twitter, hitting on a timeline for Jones’ success and when the Giants could potentially move on if he doesn’t pan out. If there are any other free agents, the Giants could be interested in, and what the logistics might look like with a no-fans scenario. Also, don’t miss out on Mike’s classic binge-eating of Chipotle!