Listen to Episode 20 of Fireside Giants: Reviewing Joe Judge’s comments, Jason Garrett’s offense, and mailbag questions

Alexander Wilson
New York Giants, Fireside Giants
New York Giants, Fireside Giants

The latest episode of Fireside Giants, a New York Giants podcast is out! Check it out here:

In this episode of Fireside Giants, the gang dives into Joe Judge’s recent comments regarding their new offense and how the rookies are connecting on a virtual plane.

Prioritizing health, Judge ensured that he would not risk his players contracting the coronavirus by flying them all over the country on worrisome Aircrafts. He made it apparent that he would not send his own kids on a plane at this moment in time, so why would he risk the health of his players? As a first-year head coach, not only is this a humanitarian driven response, but also a sign of his respect and protective mentality over his squad.


We look further into his comments and what they mean for the Giants moving forward. We also take a look at Jason Garrett’s offense and what that might look like in 2020. Ultimately, their offense will change significantly from 2019, and Judge stated that Daniel Jones will not carry over a lot of what he learned last season into the future. We fully expect to see a different scheme and a variety of new concepts introduced. If you want to learn more about the offense and what it could look like, don’t hesitate to listen to our latest episode on iTunes or a visual representation on YouTube.

In addition, we break down mailbag questions regarding a variety of different topics. We also dive into tight end Evan Engram and how he can produce next season and if the Giants should consider trading him at the deadline. What kind of value does he hold?

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