Listen to Episode 19 of Fireside Giants: Reviewing the regular season schedule, record prediction, and week-by-week breakdown

Alexander Wilson
New York Giants, Fireside Giants
New York Giants, Fireside Giants

Another fantastic New York Giants podcast episode on the Fireside Giants channel, hosted by The Entertainah!

In this episode of Fireside Giants, The Entertainah joins as the special host for the day, as we break down the 2020 regular-season schedule and review each week individually.

The Entertainah, on YouTube, has a fantastic channel and breaks down everything Giants with impeccable speed and accuracy. It was a pleasure to join him on his channel and feature him as the fill-in host on the Fireside Giants podcast channel.

Starting with week one against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the gang reviews and analyzes this matchup and why it could be problematic for the Giants. We then moved on to week two, as Big Blue takes on the Chicago Bears, who they lost to last year with Mitchell Trubisky under center. With a solid defense, the Giants will have to rely on stopping Trubisky and hoping for a low score game.

The Giants then move on to the San Francisco 49ers, who featured in the most recent Super Bowl.

We continue to go in-depth week by week, eventually giving our record prediction at the end of the episode. We also take a look at the Dallas Cowboys and why they signed Andy Dalton, based on reports that indicate their contract negotiations with Dak Prescott could become a bit rocky. Dalton, who signed an incentive-laden deal, is hoping to prove his worth once again as a backup.

If Dalton is forced into a starting role, he will be featured on one of the best offenses in football. A strong offensive line and elite wide receivers give him an opportunity to cash on after the 2020 campaign. Tune in to this episode to learn more about these contract negotiations and how the Giants can possibly earn more victories then anticipated.