How the New York Giants can maximize the value of TE Evan Engram

New York Giants, Evan Engram

How can the New York Giants extract the most value from tight end, Evan Engram?

Giants’ general manager Dave Gettleman has a decision to make on tight end Evan Engram, who was drafted during the Jerry Reese era but stuck around during the Gettleman tenure.

Engram has been an inconsistent player for the Giants, suffering injuries that have held back his potential the last two seasons. At just 25 years old, Engram has already missed 11 games in the previous two years.

His most recent ailment is a mid-foot sprain that required surgery, and he was still in a walking boot about a month ago. His inability to remain healthy and produce consistently has significantly lowered his value, and the Giants must find a way to elevate it once more.

Engram is one of the leagues fastest and most athletic tight ends, featuring as a premier pass-catching option for quarterbacks and security blanket. His blocking has slowly developed but isn’t a strength in his game. That doesn’t mean he can’t be serviceable in the run game.

His elite speed has seen his yards per reception land in the double digits consistently. Last season he scored his lowest average at 10.6 yards per reception, but that can be justified due to his season being cut short. Engram is also strong with the ball in his hands, having never fumbled and posting no fewer than three touchdowns in any given year.

As the Giants prepare for his fourth season in the NFL, they have a decision to make by May 30. Gettleman can pick up Engram’s fifth-year option, which would give them extra leverage in a potential trade scenario.

Ideally, Engram will remain healthy during 2020 and increase his value, allowing them to shop him at the trade deadline. There is a clear connection between Super Bowl teams and having quality tight ends, which could increase Engram’s value in that sense.

If he is healthy and ready to perform, the Giants can utilize the extra year on his rookie deal and gain draft capital for the future. That allows them to continue rebuilding efficiently and add a potential starting peace in 2021 instead of risking their tight end position on a player with a poor health history. While I do like Evan and the qualities he offers, the best ability is availability, and he hasn’t proven that he can be a consistent threat week-in and week-out at the NFL level.