How the New York Giants can create cap space this offseason

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The New York Giants‘ season is all but over. After a miserable loss to the Chargers on Sunday, the Giants fell to 4-9. They currently hold two first-round picks, both of which are projected to land inside the top ten. All eyes are on the offseason at this point for Giants fans. However, this upcoming free agency period is bound to be far less exciting than the last as the Giants are projected to go into 2022 with only $3.5 million in cap space (OverTheCap).

The Giants currently hold eleven total picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. This should bring some excitement to the Big Apple. But as things currently stand, the Giants do not even have the money to afford a draft class that large. With only $3.5 million in cap space, the Giants are going to need to make some serious moves to afford a draft class or any free agent acquisitions.

It will not be easy, but there are ways for the New York Giants to create cap space this offseason.

How the New York Giants can create cap space this offseason

The New York Giants are strapped for cash and projected to have only $3.5 million in cap space this offseason. However, there are ways that the team can increase that number by over $40 million:

Making the following moves would clear over $42 million in cap space for the Giants this offseason:

  • Releasing James Bradberry: $12.1M
  • Releasing Blake Martinez: $8.5M
  • Releasing Sterling Shepard: $4.5M
  • Releasing Kyle Rudolph: $5M
  • Releasing Riley Dixon: $3.25M
  • Releasing Devontae Booker: $2M
  • Trading Saquon Barkley: $7.2M

Of course, featured on this list are some of the Giants’ best players. New York is bound to cut some fan favorites this offseason if they want to stay afloat financially. But a new general manager is likely to take over the Giants’ front office. Whoever succeeds Dave Gettleman will have a tall task ahead of them. But the new general manager will be faced with and forced to make some difficult decisions in order to create some cap flexibility for the Giants.

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