Giants WR Darius Slayton ready to take the ‘Ferraris’ out in 2023

New York Giants, Darius Slayton

The New York Giants revamped their offense this offseason, adding a “bunch of Ferraris” into the mix, as described by fifth-year WR Darius Slayton. When asked about the Giants looking to get more explosive plays on offense this season, Slayton gave reporters an exciting response:

“What’s the point of having a bunch of Ferraris and keeping them in the garage? Take them out to the track.”

Darius Slayton on the Giants looking to get more explosive plays on offense this season via SNYGiants

Slayton, New York’s leading receiver in three of the last four seasons, will be joined by newcomers Darren Waller, Parris Campbell, and Jalin Hyatt this season, hoping to create a dynamic offense led by QB Daniel Jones.

Darius Slayton is ready for the Giants to make more explosive plays in 2023

According to STATS, the Giants completed only 16 big-play passes (completions of 25+ yards) last season, ranking dead-last in the NFL last. The offense produced only 28 plays gaining 20+ yards on the season, also ranking 32nd in the league. Generating more explosive plays will be a priority in 2023.

“Walking away from last season, explosives was the thing we needed more of,” Slayton said following Wednesday’s practice, per the New York Post. “I think definitely this spring it’s been a conscious effort to push the ball down the field.”

Slayton accounted for 12 of Big Blue’s 20+ yard gains in 2022. He led the team in receiving yards once again, racking up 724 yards and two touchdowns on 46 receptions.

General manager Joe Schoen made it a point of emphasis to add speed to the offense this offseason. Of the team’s top offseason acquisitions, three are known for possessing elite speed, something that has been evident at practice according to Slayton.

The Giants’ new speed is standing out to Slayton at practice

Big Blue’s blockbuster acquisition, TE Darren Waller, has made an impression on Slayton. Waller, a 6-foot-6 weapon that runs a 4.45s 40-yard dash, has given Slayton some size insecurities at practice.

“I kind of try to stand away from him,” Slayton joked. “You get a picture too close [and the narrative] is ‘Slay is really small,’ so don’t get too close. He’s what it looks like. Somebody asks, ‘What’s an NFL tight end?’ You just point to Darren Waller — big, fast, can catch it.”

Alongside Waller is rookie WR Jalin Hyatt, another speedster being thrown into the mix. The Tennessee product was described by GM Joe Schoen as having “true 4.3” speed. But it’s not just Hyatt’s speed that has impressed Slayton:

“You can see the talent. Not just his speed,” Slayton said. “I think he does route-run well. He catches the ball well.”

The Giants have been taking plenty of deep shots and pushing the ball downfield at a high rate throughout OTAs. Speed has been a big part of the equation when finding success on explosive plays at practice so far.

“They don’t know where it’s coming from. It’s like you’ve got all these guys flying at you. You’ve got to guard somebody. It puts us all in an advantage situation.”

Darius Slayton on the impact of the Giants’ new speedy acquistions via the New York Post

Slayton should maintain his role in the starting lineup this season after signing a two-year, $12 million contract extension in March. After finding success in 2022, Slayton says “everybody has confidence that [the Giants] can go out and win games.”

The team will hope to see its new offensive talent generate more explosive plays, thus, generating more points, and winning more football games in 2023.

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