Giants second-year tight end receives high praise from All-Pro George Kittle

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New York Giants tight end Daniel Bellinger is attending Tight End University this offseason, working with some of the league’s best talents to develop his skills. Tight End University was founded in 2021 by some of the NFL’s top tight ends, including San Fransisco 49ers All-Pro George Kittle.

Kittle was recently asked about some of the tight ends in attendance at this year’s program and picked Bellinger as a breakout candidate for the upcoming season.

Giants TE Daniel Bellinger praised by George Kittle

“I like Bellinger out of the Giants,” Kittle said. “I think he’s a good tight end, does a lot of good stuff.”

Entering his sophomore season, Bellinger will look to break out despite the team adding a premier talent at the position. Big Blue traded for former Pro Bowl TE Darren Waller this offseason. Bellinger is embracing the acquisition

Kittle views Bellinger as a breakout candidate despite the Giants adding a premier talent at the position. Big Blue traded for former Pro Bowl TE Darren Waller this offseason, establishing a new starter in the lineup. Bellinger is undeterred, however, and has been studying his new teammate to sharpen his skills (as well as those in attendance at Tight End Universty).

“Really, it’s the same thing I do with Darren (Waller),” Bellinger said of his plans for TEU. “Just sit down with those guys and, again, pick their brain. I can watch their film all day, kind of try to mimic what they do on the field. At the same time, I have to kind of create my own way of doing it. Really just trying to think about how they think and their process when they’re on the field before play.”

Bellinger is putting in the work and studying the game’s best this offseason. The New York Giants could find themselves with a dynamic duo at the tight end position this offseason as a refined Bellinger complements their new star, Waller.

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