Giants’ second-year tight end looks transformed at OTAs

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“Bellinger Smash!” New York Giants‘ second-year tight end Daniel Bellinger probably exclaimed after showing up to OTAs looking like a miniature version of the Incredible Hulk.

The Giants just wrapped up their second week of OTAs and one player, Bellinger, stole the spotlight from the rest on Friday afternoon. Pictures of Bellinger went viral after fans quickly took notice of the tight end’s muscular transformation.

Daniel Bellinger shows off his muscles at Giants OTAs

As pictured below, Bellinger has clearly added some size to his frame this offseason:

Bellinger was listed at 6-foot-5, 253 pounds last season. This year, that weight seems to have inflated with pure muscle. The Las Vegas native has clearly packed some size into his already impressive stature.

Daniel’s father, Frank Bellinger, gave a special shoutout to Craig Fitzgerald, the Giants’ Director of Strength and Conditioning on Twitter in response to his son’s viral pictures.

In his rookie season, Bellinger looked the part of a quality NFL tight end. He totaled 270 yards and three touchdowns from scrimmage on 31 touches (30 receptions) in 2022. Additionally, Bellinger received praise for his ability to make an impact as a blocker.

Despite adding star TE Darren Waller to the roster this offseason, Bellinger is still expected to play a big role in the Giants’ offense. The 22-year-old exhibited starting-level talent as a rookie and will undoubtedly find himself sharing the field with Waller in 2023.

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