Giants’ offensive lineman Zach Fulton retires, making him the 3rd player this week to call it quits

zach fulton, new york giants

In a surprise turn of events, New York Giants offensive lineman Zach Fulton has decided to retire after signing a contract with Big Blue on March 25.

Just this week alone, the Giants have watched OL Joe Looney, and LB Todd Davis make the same decision, electing to spend more time with their families than preparing for the 2021 season.

While this decision is undoubtedly admirable for the sake of their families, it has become a very strange trend for the Giants, who’s depth piece are dropping like flies.

Fulton was expected to take on a reserve role this year after starting at right guard for the Houston Texans last season. Coming off the down here, the 30-year-old interior lineman decided he was done with the NFL. This reality for the Giants has been strange, as they’ve become the nursing home of the NFC East, simply signing players to send them on their way into retirement.

One may ask themselves, who’s next?

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