Giants’ offense expected to be ‘extremely dynamic’ in 2023

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The New York Giants, in 2022, saw a significant advancement in their offense across numerous metrics. The red-zone performance, however, stood out as the most marked improvement.

Under the stewardship of Jason Garrett in 2021, they had languished at the bottom of the NFL rankings. By 2022, they had made a considerable leap to secure the 5th position in the touchdown conversion rate.

The Dawn of Creativity: Daboll and Kafka’s Influence

Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka’s arrival signaled a period of innovation and dynamism. While the Giants’ roster initially restricted their ability to fully showcase this creativity, the 2023 season promises a richer talent pool, allowing them to expand and enhance their creative play.

Reinforcing the Roster: Key Additions in 2023

The Giants have fortified their offense for the 2023 season with star tight end Darren Waller, Jalin Hyatt, a promising recruit from Tennessee, and a host of new receivers. These additions will empower the Giants to not only continue their foundational work but also transform their unit into a formidable force on the field.

Assessing the Past: The Giants’ Offensive Performance in 2022

In the previous season, the Giants’ offense averaged a modest 21.5 points per game and a total of 333.9 yards per contest. Their game plan heavily depended on their ground game, which accounted for 148.2 yards per game. In contrast, their aerial offense could muster only 185.7 yards.

Looking Forward: A Shift to a Pass-Heavy Strategy

The upcoming season could witness a significant shift in the Giants’ game plan, with a heavier reliance on the passing game. Spearheading this strategy will be Waller, who had successful stints with the Las Vegas Raiders. Despite being 30, Waller boasts two 1,100-yard seasons, including nine touchdowns in 2021. However, his injury history and advancing age might impact his productivity.

From Ground to Air: Changes in Offensive Strategy

Last season saw the Giants leaning heavily on their running game, more than they would have preferred. With an increased number of receivers and potentially improved trench protection, the team is poised to transition towards a more air-based offensive approach.

Harnessing Talent: The Development of Evan Neal and Daniel Jones

The success of this plan heavily relies on right tackle Evan Neal taking a significant leap in his development during his second year. Furthermore, the Giants possess an abundance of talent to evolve into a high-octane offense. However, the key lies in developing quarterback Daniel Jones further and minimizing his turnovers.

Crafting a Balanced Approach: The Future of the Giants’ Offense

Jones has the potential to be an explosive quarterback, but a balanced strategy leveraging both his running and throwing capabilities seems most promising. A method akin to the Buffalo Bills’ strategy of having Josh Allen create big moments on the run may not be an ideal approach for a QB like DJ.

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