Giants’ Landon Collins On Stopping the Cowboys In Week 2


One of the most valuable players on the New York Giants just happens to be safety Landon Collins; an emotional and extroverted member of the roster. As Collins prepares for the showdown against Dallas, he contributed some of his own perspective on the game and how they can beat the NFC East rival.

“Honestly, we really have to focus on stopping Zeke. We have to make sure everyone has got their gap assignments and we close the air out of their offensive running game. If we do that, and put the ball into Dak, then we have a better shot of winning.”

Let’s rephrase that: “Dak Prescott is their weakness.”

I could’ve sworn Jerry Jones claimed that Prescott was somewhere in between Cam Newton and Jared Goff.

Nonetheless, the trick will be to keep the ball out of Ezekiel Elliot’s hands, the Cowboys’ most lethal weapon. Luckily, the Giants have installed a defensive scheme that works fairly well against the running game. With Damon Harrison, Dalvin Tomlinson, and BJ Hill up-front, we can feel good going into this matchup. The week 1 jitters have faded and the Giants must take advantage of a week offensive line and receiver corps.

How did the New York Giants fare in 2017?

Zeke’s last two games against Big Blue were big ones. He totaled 247 yards combined, earning 51 touches. He will be heavily implanted into the game-plan.

On the bright side, the Cowboys have lost their two top receivers and will push out a young, inexperienced group.

How will Landon Collins be used?

Expect to see Collins in on the action from start to finish. He’s a competitor that will meet Elliott at the point of contact. Being that the Cowboys have a spotty offensive line with Travis Frederick out at center and Doug Free retiring this past offseason, the Giants’ defense will be at an advantage, but they must prove to be resilient when Zeke comes calling at the front-door.


Prediction: Collins – 1 INT

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