Giants fans are in favor of moving on from $160 million quarterback

Daniel Jones of the Giants on the sidelines in the second half. The NY Giants host the Washington Commanders at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford

The New York Giants have a big decision to make this upcoming off-season regarding drafting a new quarterback. They extended Daniel Jones on a four-year, $160 million deal this past off-season, committing to the player who led them to a postseason appearance in 2022 and beat the Minnesota Vikings in the Wild Card.

General manager Joe Shane was cornered into a spot where extending Jones was one of his only viable options. The alternative was a bridge player on a cheaper contract to acquire a new player via the draft, but the Giants elected to give Jones an opportunity to compound his success.

The issue is that Jones tore his ACL this season and is considered injury-prone, having played five years in the NFL and already undergoing multiple surgeries.

Jones played just 326 snaps this season, collecting 909 yards, two touchdowns, and six interceptions. He was far from his best self, and the Giants’ offensive line was struggling once again, putting him in a tumultuous spot.

The Giants Can Take the Out in His Contract

However, the 26-year-old has an out in his contract after the 2024 season that opens the door for the Giants to move on. He will have a $47.1 million salary hit no matter what, but the team has a $22.2 million buyout option they can spread over the next two seasons (2025-26), keeping his dead money hit at $11 million, resetting the rookie quarterback window.

The Athletic recently ran a survey to determine whether Giants fans want to move on from Jones at this point. Of 2,737 responses, 76.8% believe he’s not a franchise-caliber quarterback and can’t stay healthy, indicating that there’s a good chance they will move on to greener pastures.

Unfortunately, the Giants have been put in a spot where their future is on the line, specifically Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll. If they don’t commit to a new passer, they will be running a major risk with Jones returning from an ACL tear and hoping to put together a winning season in 2024.

They are far better off tying themselves to a young quarterback who they can develop and build around. At the end of the day, it’s in the best interest of the team and the front office.

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