Giants eyeing trade-back from 5th overall, per reports

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The 2022 NFL Draft is coming up and the New York Giants are rich in draft capital this year. The Giants own the fifth and seventh overall picks in the first round of the draft. This gives Big Blue an opportunity to secure two of the draft’s best prospects in this year’s class. But it also gives the Giants an opportunity to extract an incredible amount of value from a trade. According to Daniel Jeremiah of, a trade-down is something the Giants would “love” to accomplish.

Giants eyeing trade-back from 5th overall, per reports

The New York Giants have lucked out with the positioning of their two top-ten draft picks. Picks five and seven are positioned perfectly in front of quarterback-needy teams. Picking sixth overall is the Panthers who could be in the market to draft a quarterback. Picking eighth is the Falcons, who could also be considering drafting a quarterback.

Daniel Jeremiah provided great context on the desirability of the Giants’ fifth overall draft pick. Jeremiah explained that “if you want [a quarterback] and you think Carolina might take one at six, then you’ve got to get to five.”

“And everybody I’ve talked said the Giants would love to get out of the fifth pick.” – Daniel Jeremiah via The Pat McAfee Show

The Giants want to trade down, likely to acquire an additional first-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. A trade-up for a quarterback would cost any team an arm and a leg, and the Giants would be able to gather a load of draft capital in a trade-down. However, it does not seem like there is a huge trade market for the Giants’ fifth overall pick. Jeremiah explained that “everybody [he’s] talked to wants to go in reverse,” but he has not “found anybody that’s in a hurry to go forward.”

Whether or not a team will actually trade up and target a quarterback has yet to be determined. Some rumors have swirled and reported interest in some of the top quarterbacks is buzzing, inflating draft stocks for Malik Willis and Kenny Pickett. If these rumors heat up, the New York Giants could capitalize on the desires of the market with their draft supply and acquire a king’s ransom for the fifth pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

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