Giants are ‘the team to watch’ regarding trade up to 3rd overall

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The New York Giants are in a strategic waiting game for the 3rd overall pick in the draft, currently held by the New England Patriots. To this point, the Patriots have not received a compelling offer to move back, but they remain open to negotiations, aware that their leverage increases as teams like the Giants and the Minnesota Vikings intensify their efforts to secure a quarterback.

The Strategic Dance of Draft Positioning

The Patriots are wisely playing it slow, knowing that rushing into a deal could mean forfeiting potential gains. This tactical approach is particularly relevant as teams become more desperate to land their quarterback of choice as the draft progresses. The Giants, among others, are speculated to be very interested in making a significant move up the draft board.

New York Giants general manager Joe Schoen speaks during a press conference during the NFL Scouting Combine at Indiana Convention Center
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There is much speculation around which quarterback has caught the Giants’ eye, with Drake Maye from North Carolina frequently mentioned. Maye’s solid performance and developmental potential make him an attractive option for Giants’ head coach Brian Daboll, who is known for his quarterback development skills.

Giants’ Potential Trade Scenarios and Quarterback Prospects

ESPN’s Dan Graziano pointed out that the Giants are a team to watch for making a substantial move. “I think the Giants are the team to watch for trading up to pick 3,” Graziano noted. While Maye exhibits all the qualities of a future NFL star, he would require careful development, which Daboll is well-equipped to provide. However, if the Giants choose not to pursue Maye aggressively, Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy remains a viable option.

Both quarterbacks are 21 years old and possess impressive tools. McCarthy, fresh off a National Championship win, played within a system supported by one of the best offensive lines and several NFL-caliber teammates, which somewhat shields his individual capabilities from easy evaluation.

Maye, contrastingly, had less support but showed considerable promise, though he would need time to refine his skills further.

Michigan Wolverines quarterback J.J. McCarthy (New York Giants prospect)
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To secure the 3rd pick, the Giants would likely need to surrender their 2025 first-round pick, the 6th overall pick of this year, and possibly an additional mid-round selection.

The decision rests with General Manager Joe Schoen, who, if convinced of a quarterback’s potential to become a franchise player, may decide to aggressively trade up, ensuring the Giants position themselves optimally in this high-stakes draft strategy.

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