Former New York Giant Corey Webster a True Family Man

New York Giants, Dexter Lawrence
May 4, 2019; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants defensive line draft pick Dexter Lawrence II (97) runs the ball during a drill during rookie minicamp at Quest Diagnostics Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Sarah Stier-USA TODAY Sports

Former New York Giants cornerback Corey Webster abides by the saying “Once A Giant Always A Giant”.  Webster was originally drafted by the New York Giants in the 2005 NFL draft and would remain a Giant until 2013.  Having been with only one team for his entire professional football career, Webster’s loyalty lies with the New York Giants whole-heartedly.   Webster fondly reflects on memorable plays and times he spent as a part of the New York Giants defense and reminisces with fellow former teammates all of the time.

Webster may be retired but he still trains and works out daily to be the best he could possibly be both physically and mentally.  On Webster’s Instagram page @iamcweb you will find a multitude of quotes that are full of heart and inspiration.  Webster also posts videos providing followers with his “2-cents” and letting everyone know that we all should spread positivity!

Webster is a loving husband and devoted father to his three sons.  Webster and his wife serve as role models for their sons through both their words and their actions.  Webster and his wife lead by example and instill in their son’s good values and what it means to be an honorable person.  The Websters truly cherish every moment they spend together and value their loved ones over everything and it shows.  Webster’s wife and kids are his truest blessings and he serves each and every day with the mission to make them proud!

Football may have been a love of Webster’s, but what he holds dear and cherishes above all else, first and foremost is his family!