Fireside Giants Ep 45: Dave Gettleman on the hot seat? What’s Jason Garrett doing on offense? More!

New York Giants, Fireside Giants
New York Giants, Fireside Giants

In episode 45 at Fireside Giants, Alexander Wilson and Anthony Rivardo analyze week 4 against the Los Angeles Rams. There was plenty to take away, both positive and negative. Ranging from Daniel Jones to Blake Martinez, we saw individual players stand out and others falter in the face of adversity.

Of course, we dive into Jason Garrett and his deficiencies calling plays for the offense. Hopefully, things continue to progress but definitely listen to the episode for more insight and knowledge about the current scheme and progress.



Alex and Anthony will also be doing weekly fan mailbags, composed of your questions for a specific episode. We want to get the fans more involved and hopefully make a collaborative experience for you and help your fandom fuel our work with the Giants.

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