Fireside Giants Ep 31: Comparing New York players to Game of Thrones characters, DeAndre Baker, more!

Alexander Wilson
New York Giants, Fireside Giants
New York Giants, Fireside Giants

In the latest episode of Fireside Giants – a New York Giants podcast:

Alex and Anthony host Willy Receipts from Twitter to compare players to Game of Thrones characters. This is an extremely interesting and exciting episode, as some of the craziest correlations ever imagined are proposed.


If you’re looking for absolute entertainment, this is absolutely a place you can find it. If you love characters like Arya Stark, Jon Snow, and so many more, you will find yourself comparing players as well.

We also take a look at DeAndre Baker, and the latest news to hit the media. Reports indicating he paid off witnesses has bubbled to the surface, with suspected hard proof. While his lawyers indicate his innocence, nothing is cemented just yet.

We also take a look at Leonard Williams and how this move is a major argument for Dave Gettleman‘s tenure with the Giants. In 2019, Williams was traded from the Jets to the Giants for a third and fifth-round pick. In eight games, he posted 0.5 sacks, 26 combined tackles, two tackles for loss, and 11 quarterback hits. His underwhelming production has been a consistent concern the past few seasons, but he has hidden efficiency that the Giants seem to value.

With the franchise tag deadline passing on Wednesday, Williams is locked into a $16.1 million deal in 2020. However, he will be a free agent next off-season and the Giants will have to make a decision on his future. Do they extend him on a multi-year deal or let him walk?

Ultimately, his future with the team relies on his performance in 2020. Historically, we shouldn’t expect a Pro Bowl level performance, as he has only earned the accolade once in five years. In a contract year, though, he could finally untap his potential and show us why Gettleman spent a valuable draft pick on his services.