Fireside Giants Ep 29: A New York Giants podcast – Saquon Barkley will explode in 2020, James Bradberry quotes, more!

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To start off episode 29 of Fireside Giants, Alex and Anthony take a look at Saquon Barkley and why he can have an extravagant season with the New York Giants in 2020. First of all, bashing Pat Shurmur tends to be a consistent trend for the Fireside Giants hosts, considering his lack of efficiency playcalling and the utter dismissal of time management.

We reflect on some of his poor decisions as the Giants’ head coach, notably against the Philadelphia Eagles, when he pulled Barkley out of the game plan and gave up a fourth-quarter lead to lose the game.


Before Barkley had been put in the backseat, he had dominated the first half. This only scratches the surface on how bad Shurmur was in managing games and controlling the clock. You would imagine a head coach would be capable at the very least of running the ball in the second half when you have a lead, but Shurmur clearly was not on the same wavelength.

Nonetheless, new head coach Joe Judge will not take over offensive playcalling to duties, leaving it to offensive coordinator, Jason Garrett. He will essentially be a walk around head coach establishing consequences and disciplinary tactics to ensure his team remains focused. With that being said, Barkley should have a better season based on the heavy 12 personnel sets Garrett likes to run and a strong offensive line.

Alex and Anthony also dive into James Bradberry and how he compares to Janoris Jenkins. Bradberry is a solid corner coming over from the Carolina Panthers, and he posted productive numbers last season compared to Jenkins, who faced off against lesser talent.

This is a fantastic episode full of knowledge and information that you will want to know going into the 2020 campaign. Make sure to subscribe on YouTube for the video portion and more content, as well as on iTunes for immediate updates and notifications.

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