Diehl, Mangold Dish on Giants’ Upcoming Season

New York Giants, Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley

Former Pro Bowl lineman David Diehl of the New Giants and Nick Mangold, an All-Pro center during his time with the New York Jets, provided their insight on the Giants’ upcoming season on the DraftKings NFL Preview show, which will be aired at 7pm tonight on the MSG Network.

Diehl, who also works as a studio analyst for the Giants, already sees a difference in the mentality of the Giants under new head coach Joe Judge.

“I definitely think that will be a different type of atmosphere and different type of demeanor and disciplined football out of this Giants team,” said Diehl.

Mangold agreed.

“You watch some of the clips with Joe Judge and I’ve seen that same method played out with Eric Mangini and that discipline is necessary sometimes. And as long as the guys buy into it and take it to heart, it’ll work out well for them.”

Diehl said the key for the Giants’ offense was to keep things basic and simple.

“It’s going to come down to running the football and producing on the ground. Because everything in this offense with a young offensive line gelling together is going to be built off of play action. That’s what really going to lead this team with Daniel Jones being a versatile quarter back and being athletic.”

Diehl also dished on the Giants’ first round draft pick, left tackle Andrew Thomas, who the team is charging with the task of keeping Jones safe.

“With Nate Solder opting out, that puts more thrust on Andrew Thomas, moving to the left tackle position,” said Diehl. “I think he’s looked really good in training camp. He doesn’t make the same mistake twice. Loves the physicality of the game and you see him consistently improve on his techniques and fundaments. He has a great foundation next to him in Will Hernandez going into his 3rd season at that left guard position. He (Thomas) was pretty much attached to the hip to Will Hernandez throughout this entire offseason.”

Mangold said he was curious about how the Giants’ defense, one of the worst in the NFL last year, would turn things around in 2020.

“Everyone talks about the Giants offense, but I’m intrigued to see how their defense comes out,” Mangold said. “They put a lot of resources into the offense live. And they have Saquon back there. But there’s not a lot of talk of the defense. I believe defense still wins championships. It’s going to be interested how that plays out for them.”