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Can Eli Manning Play A Part In The Future For The New York Giants?

by Alexander Wilson

For New York Giants‘ quarterback Eli Manning to make an impact on the future of the team, it would require him to remain on the roster in 2018, but most think he will be gone by then.

Manning’s father, Archie Manning, believes that his son wants to retire a Giant, no matter the circumstances. Now, it’s important to recognize that Eli will not be worth $20 million per-year in the NFL next season, and to be honest, he hasn’t for quite some time. We can blame the offensive line, defense, you name it, but when it comes down to his individual performance, he has been a shell of his former self.

Taking out the biggest influence of all when it comes to keeping Eli Manning:

If you take out the factor of his name, Eli becomes another struggling player in the NFL. His resume and respect from the franchise has played a significant part in his tenure, but at this point in time, it might be worth exploring other options. That’s where rookie passer Kyle Lauletta comes into play.

Lauletta was recently arrested for a traffic violation, which we can consider a childish mistake. Head coach Pat Shurmur stated that the rookie will suffer internal consequences.

Moving forward, Lauletta will remain the backup while Manning continues on into week 10 against the San Francisco 49ers.  Despite the veteran’s inadequacies, he still remains confident.

“I feel good. I feel like I can play at a high level,” Manning told ESPN several weeks ago. “I can make all the throws and play this game at a high level and lead this team.”

The 2018 season was supposed to be different for the Giants and Manning. A rebuilt offensive line and the drafting of rookie sensation Saquon Barkley was expected to be a revelation for the offense, but the inability for the line to gel has hurt the unit considerably. Right guard Patrick Omameh was a bust, left tackle Nate Solder has struggled to adapt to Manning’s style, and Ereck Flowers’ stint at right tackle lasted just five weeks.

We can only hope for the best next offseason in regard to fixing the deficiencies, but for now, a polarizing question presents itself – would you rather the Giants lose the rest of their games and have a high overall pick, or prioritize pride and try to collect a few wins?

Personally, it’s a tough call. As a fan, I would have to say losing is the better move for the future, but as a competitor, winning is the only option. Manning on the other hand is playing for his future as a starting quarterback in the league. The only way I can see him returning in 2019 is if he takes a massive pay-cut and plays a smaller role that allows Lauletta for a drafted passer to earn regular season reps. A Josh McGown and Sam Darnold situation if you will.


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