Anonymous Executive Buys Into New York Giants Rebuilding Process

New York Giants, Andrew Thomas

Outside sources haven’t often been too kind to the New York Giants over the last couple of seasons, with the team usually being considered among the worst in the league, but with new changes this season things are starting to potentially move in another direction. Some of those changes have started to be recognized by league sources – an example of this is a recent ESPN article where an anonymous personnel executive had some good things to say about the team and their 2020 roster.

“They’ve done a decent job outside of an elite [pass-] rusher. They’ve actually shored this unit up pretty good. Throughout all levels they have versatility and depth,” the executive said about the defense. He would go on to praise the team at the linebacker position, which is a spot that, while it hasn’t been terrible, also hasn’t earned tons of praise for the Giants over the last years.

Martinez was the big offseason acquisition for three years and $30 million. “Capable. Solid. Functional,” the executive said. “Probably overpaid for him a little bit.” He thinks Cory Littleton would’ve been a better fit for the money (three years, $36 million). There are high hopes for Connelly, even though he’s returning from a torn ACL. His instincts impressed last year. Mayo is viewed as a capable short-term starter and special teamer. The Giants also added Brunson and Crowder late in the draft. “They’ve got some young depth,” the executive added.

Of course, that’s just the inside linebacker position. The outside linebacker spot is more undetermined for the Giants, with a lot of the pressure falling on players who may or may not be able to step up in the pass rush. The executive, however, didn’t rule out the chance of last year’s sack leader Markus Golden coming back – mainly because Golden hasn’t found another team to give him the deal he’s looking for.

The offensive line was another area of interest for the Giants this season when it came to improvements and the narrative so far is that they made the right pick with Andrew Thomas. That was backed up by a scout who also spoke to ESPN. “Best left tackle [in the draft],” the scout commented.

The Giants aren’t projected by most sources to win too many games this season – but not every source is so down on how much the Giants have improved. If they can transition these improvements on paper into results on the field, there is a definite chance to win more than expected… Especially with the leadership of a new staff coming in.