2020 NFL Draft: New York Giants currently slotted third overall

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The New York Giants sunk to 2-8 on the season after dropping a 34-27 decision to the New York Jets on Sunday. We know where that puts the Giants in the grand scheme of the NFL playoff picture, but where does the loss put them in the NFL Draft order?

If the season ended today, the Giants would select third overall behind the 0-9 Cincinnati Bengals and the 1-8 Washington Redskins. This would mark the fifth time in six years they would be drafting in the Top 10.

The odds of the Giants staying high up in the draft are very good. With six games remaining, they would be hard pressed to win more than three of them, meaning they’ll finish no better than 5-11. That should place them right about the same slot they picked last year – No. 6 overall – where they selected Duke quarterback Daniel Jones.

It’s very possible the Giants finish worse than 5-11. They have two games against the surging Philadelphia Eagles, who have beaten the Giants in nine of their last ten meetings. Big Blue also has a trip scheduled to Soldier Field to face Khalil Mack and the Chicago Bears and a Week 13 home game against Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers.

The only two so-called “winnable” games left on the schedule are a home game against the rapidly improving Miami Dolphins and a trip down to D.C. to face the Redskins. Even those games are not guaranteed.

The overall fan perspective of the team’s outlook is not very promising. In recent poll of our readers, we checked the confidence level of the direction of the team and 41 percent claimed they had ‘no confidence at all’, 34 percent said they were ‘not very confident, 20 percent said they ‘somewhat confident’ while just five percent answered that they were still ‘very confident’.

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