Will Nate Diaz end up in RIZIN, PFL, or Bellator?

Nate Diaz (21-13) is the hottest free agent on the market in mixed martial arts. Diaz completed his UFC contract and has been the apple of many promotions’ eye since he completed his contract. Yesterday he seemingly indicated that he might be looking at taking a deal with RIZIN.

Of course, RIZIN is just coming off their challenge against Bellator where they unfortunately went 0-5. Yesterday we learned that Jake Paul had signed an exclusive deal with the PFL. In signing that deal, Paul proposed a two-fight deal with Nate Diaz.

The deal would feature the two men competing in a boxing match. Following the boxing match, they would compete in Paul’s MMA debut six months later which would likely headline the PFL championships next year. Bellator has also been very vocal about wanting Nate Diaz to come over to their side.

RIZIN, PFL, Bellator, ONE, or the UFC?

To this point, we haven’t heard of anything tying One Championship to Diaz, but my guess is that they’ve expressed interest as well. The UFC loves Diaz but they are comfortable with letting him walk for now. There is a strong possibility that Diaz ends up back in the UFC one day, but I don’t see his next fight being there.

I’m wondering if the RIZIN post on his page was more of a response to Jake Paul’s challenge in the PFL. Diaz is all about fighting the best competition or getting the most money and I don’t see either happening with RIZIN. Bellator has a legit chance here and Scott Coker loves the Diaz brothers.

Coker is a big fan and he would love to sign Diaz. Ultimately, I think it’ll come down to the PFL and Bellator. I thought all along that Diaz would box Jake Paul next. If I hold true to that, I think he’s heading for the PFL. However, if PFL tries to get cute with the deal and add in length outside of the two-fights against Paul, it could throw the whole thing off.

If Diaz signs a multi-fight deal, I really see Bellator as the favorite. My guess is that we will know by the end of February where Nate Diaz will be fighting next and who he’ll be fighting next.

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