UFC: TUF 29 Middleweight Finale Set

Tonight on the UFC‘s Ultimate Fighter, we saw the final semifinal matchup of the season. The middleweights were featured as Gilbert Urbina (6-1) of Team Volkanovski was taking on Tresean Gore (3-0) of Team Ortega.

Last week saw the bantamweight finale booked. Team Volkanovski fighters Ricky Turcios and Brady Hiestand will be battling it out for the 135 pound TUF title. Bryan Battle (5-1) of Team Volkanovski already punched his ticket to the middleweight finale.

With that in mind, Gore was the final hope for Team Ortega. If Urbina was to take the semifinal matchup, Ortega would be shut out of the TUF 29 finale. However, Gore was not going to go down without a fight.

Throughout the entire season, Gore has really impressed. If I was Ortega, Gore is the one guy I’d want in this final spot. On tonight’s episode, both Gore and Urbina got to see their families through a FaceTime Call.

Both men used the calls as motivation as they turned their focus to competition for a spot in the UFC TUF 29 middleweight finals.

UFC TUF 29 Middleweight Finale Set

This fight was insane from the beginning and had a feel like a fight from Dana White’s Contender Series. As soon as the fight stared, Gore immediately started pressuring Urbina.

However, I was very impressed with Urbina’s striking from the outside. He was catching Gore early with jabs and he was landing powerful leg kicks. Halfway through the round, Gore really showed off his power.

A powerful left hand sat Urbina down briefly. However, Urbina was able to compose himself. When Gore looked like he was going in for the kill, Urbina rocked him with a powerful straight left. Both of these men really wanted that UFC contract.

In the second round, it was more of the same to start. Pressure from Gore and outside striking from Urbina. Urbina pushed forward with his own attack with his guard down and a massive left hook from Gore put him out cold. A stunning knockout from an incredible fight.

And just like that, the middleweight finale of TUF 29 is set. Unfortunately for the UFC featherweight champion, he will not have all four spots in the finale.

TUF 29 Middleweight Finale: Bryan Battle (Team Volkanovski) – Tresean Gore (Team Ortega)

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