UFC Nashville Recap: Tatiana Suarez dominates and submits Jessica Andrade

In the co-main event of UFC Nashville, we saw a pivotal matchup in the strawweight division. Former strawweight champion Jessica Andrade (24-11) was looking to get back on track as she took on the dangerous Tatiana Suarez (9-0).

Suarez had all the makings to be a UFC champion and many thought she was well on her way a few years ago. However, injuries kept her out of the octagon for nearly four years. She returned in dominant fashion earlier this year and tonight she was looking to take out a former champion.

Jessica Andrade entered 2023 as a potential top contender in both the strawweight and flyweight divisions. However, after back-to-back stoppage losses in both divisions, she was looking to get back on track and derail the Suarez hype train at UFC Nashville.

UFC Nashville Recap

Round 1

The UFC Nashville co-main kicked off with a quick touch of the gloves. Suarez throws a kick to start her striking. She looks massive compared to Andrade in there. Another strong body kick from Suarez lands. Andrade is staying patient here in the opening minute and then throws a leg kick.

Andrade starting to pressure a little here. Suarez is throwing a lot of kicks here in the opening 90 seconds. Andrade throws a kick and Suarez catches it. Andrade tries to get away and does but eats a nasty knee to the body. Suarez light on her toes circling on the outside here as Andrade plots forward.

Suarez shoots on a low single and gets it. Wasn’t the cleanest in regards to technique, but Suarez used her superior strength to get the fight to the ground. Immediate side control for Suarez here. Short knees to the body for Suarez. Explosion from Andrade and she gets up to her feet but Suarez still has ahold of her.

90 seconds to go and Suarez is throwing heavy knees here. Suarez looks like she might be trying a guillotine but Andrade breaks free. Immediately back to the cage they go as Suarez shoots in. Andrade is able to escape and they are striking again with 20 seconds left. The round ends after a flurry from Andrade but it’s not enough to win the round and it’s 1-0 Suarez at UFC Nashville.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC Nashville and Andrade needs to try and build off the very end of the first. Suarez opens the striking right away with a body kick. Another good power kick lands for Suarez. She doubles up on it. Deep on a single leg takedown attempt from Suarez and Andrade is trying to defend.

However, Suarez gets her down with relative ease and has four minutes to work. Side control once again for Suarez but Andrade escapes out the back. Suarez gets right back on her and goes for a guillotine. It’s deep. Andrade is trying to fight it but is forced to tap. Another dominant win for Tatiana Suarez at UFC Nashville.

Tatiana Suarez def. Jessica Andrade by Submission (Guillotine Choke) – Round 2

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