UFC: Daniel Cormier would go back to 205 for MMA match with Jake Paul

Daniel Cormier

One of the biggest stories from UFC 261 had nothing to do with what happened inside the octagon. Before the PPV main card even kicked off, The Problem Child Jake Paul (3-0 Boxing) made his way into the arena.

UFC fans promptly greeted Paul with a ‘F*ck Jake Paul’ chant. When Paul found his way to his seat, he started heckling and nagging former two-division UFC champion and current commentator Daniel Cormier (22-3, 1 NC).

Cormier detailed the interaction today on his ESPN show with Ariel Helwani. DC said that Paul was heckling him so when he had a moment, he asked his producers for a couple of minutes but didn’t tell them what he wanted to do.

When given the time, the former UFC champion marched right over to Jake Paul. There have been a number of videos that show the interaction between the two men. It appeared that Cormier was lecturing the 24 year old.

The former UFC champion said he had a simple message for Jake Paul, “Don’t play with me.” DC said there are certain guys you can play with like that, but he’s not one of them.

Paul said recently that he wanted to box Cormier. However, Cormier said today that he wouldn’t box Jake Paul because he doesn’t need to. However, the former UFC champion would absolutely fight him if he was willing to come over to MMA.

UFC: Daniel Cormier – Jake Paul?

On speaking about a potential fight with Jake Paul, the former two-division UFC champion said the following:

“I made my money as the heavyweight champion of the world. I don’t have to chase a payday. This kid wants to fight, okay, I’ll fight him. But, it will be a mixed martial arts competition. If he wants to actually fight with me, fight me in mixed martial arts. I’ll fight him all the way down at 205. I’m living happy, I’m fat and healthy. I’ll go all the way down to 205 to fight this kid.”

There is no way that Jake Paul would ever fight the former UFC champion in MMA. Jake Paul will never accept any fight in mixed martial arts unless it was somebody with no professional fighting experience.

Jake Paul will not even box a legit boxer at this stage in his career. The opponents he will be fed are all hand selected for him to beat. If Jake Paul were to ever fight Daniel Cormier in MMA, he’d likely end up in a hospital.

I will say this about Jake Paul, he’s smart. The kid has made great money by trolling the world, but he’s starting to enter a world where people don’t play games. The former UFC champion is one of those people.

Personally, I would pay an ungodly amount of money to watch Jake Paul fight Daniel Cormier in any combat sports arena. I know exactly what the result would be. However, we all know that Jake Paul will never take that fight so this potential matchup with the former UFC champion is all just talk.