UFC: Curtis Blaydes says he would need a raise to fight Jon Jones

Daniel Cunningham
Curtis Blaydes, UFC

This weekend at UFC Vegas 15, two top four heavyweights will go to battle. Curtis “Razor” Blaydes (14-2,1 NC) will take on The Black Beast, Derrick Lewis (24-7, 1 NC), in a fight that means a big deal for the UFC‘s heavyweight division.

Blaydes is looking to build back a little bit of his reputation after his last performance. Back in June, Blaydes took on Alexander Volkov looking to pick up his fourth straight win inside the octagon.

Going into that contest, Blaydes had back to back brutal finishes over Shamil Abdurakhimov and Junior Dos Santos. Just a few fights prior, he also had a brutal TKO victory over former title challenger Alistair Overeem.

Blaydes went into fight week talking about the fact that he should be fighting for the title. Of course, that’s crazy in theory considering the number one contender in the division has finished Blaydes twice.

Nevertheless, the confident wrestler believed he deserved a title shot. After saying a lot during fight week, Blaydes performance left much to be desired. He got the victory, but didn’t look impressive. Dana White definitely didn’t walk away impressed after the performance. 

Asking the UFC for more money?

If Blaydes picks up the victory this weekend, it would be his fifth straight UFC victory. In theory, he would be the clear number one contender after Francis Ngannou. However, he likely won’t be.

Jon Jones (26-1, 1 NC) recently vacated his light heavyweight title to move up to heavyweight. Dana White has already said that Jon Jones would fight for the title in his first appearance in the UFC‘s heavyweight division.

This would put Blaydes third in line despite having won five in a row. Some have floated the idea of the UFC booking Blaydes against Jones in a headliner to get Jones a heavyweight fight and determine the true top contender.

However, Blaydes has conditions if that fight was to be offered. He wants more money. “I’m not going to fight Jon Jones for $200,000. That’s ridiculous. I think a lot of people forget that we get paid what we get paid regardless. I can fight a bum and make $200,000,” Blaydes told Aaron Bronsteter. 

Wrong mentality?

With all due respect to Curtis Blaydes, this is the second time he’s shoved his foot in his mouth on fight week. Blaydes’ boss, Dana White, loves guys who relish opportunities to do something great. Imagine if Blaydes was the first in the UFC to truly beat Jon Jones.

Instead of relishing at that chance, Blaydes is saying he would only take the fight for more money. Blaydes has several things working against him: he’s not a draw, he’s not a champion, he’s not on Dana White’s good side.

I understand that Blaydes wants a title shot and he wants to get paid. However, he’s going about everything the wrong way. If the UFC calls and offers Blaydes Jon Jones. He needs to jump unless he believes in his mind that he has no shot.

If he truly believed that he could defeat Jon Jones, wouldn’t he jump at that chance? Imagine what a win over Jones could do for his career. Blaydes could become a star leading into his title shot to do that. Demanding a raise could end up seeing him on the sidelines as Jones gets his title shot.

At the end of the day, I completely respect what Curtis Blaydes is doing. He could win his fifth in a row this weekend and he has every right to ask for more. However, I would strongly advise him to not let money get in the way of a potential opportunity to welcome Jon Jones to heavyweight.